3 Lessons Street Performers Taught Me About Service Industries

I am a dancer. Back in the day, I choreographed songs with my cousins to Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Toni Braxton and radio recordings on cassette tapes. During slumber parties, my television was pre-set to BET to remake all of  TLC’s dance moves.


My daydream was to quit my job in order to purchase a one way ticket from Virginia to NYC. There, I would dance on subways until a lucrative full time business was formed. ‘If  J-Lo could do it, so could I’ I naively thought. I desperately wanted to be a Fly Girl. Imagine landing a gig on a popular television show dancing before diving into my Pop singing career. My albums would go platinum in 30 minutes and my concerts would be sold out worldwide. This is a lot, but ride out with me.


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The Creatives’ Marketing Plan

The Creative's Marketing Plan


Marketing Plan with Blog, Social Media and Monetization Include

Sections to Include in your Marketing Plan:

1.0 Executive Summary

2.0 Company Description

3.0 Strategic Focus and Brand Plans

4.0 Situation Analysis

5.0 Industry Selection and Brand Positioning

6.0 Marketing Strategy and Monetization

7.0 Blog Financials

8.0 Organization

9.0 Implementation Plan

Appendix A

Appendix B

50 Ways to Turn Passion into a Paycheck

Tifa G and Jeron Bro at Sister Act 2016

50 ways to Turn Passion into a Paycheck

I’m sharing my personal story. I could not land a stable job after my undergraduate graduation. I was stressed, whereas I entered a financial agreement with Sallie Mae and Visa that I was unable to fulfill. I didn’t know anything about Credit Building, Bankruptcy,  nor Insurance Investments. In addition, I was rebellious and I wanted to do everything on my own. In my mind, my degree meant a nice salary job with benefits.  But in reality, my degree meant, ” Has potential, but needs experience.”  By the grace of God, I had friends positioned in my life that reminded me of my strengthens and challenged me to utilize them. If you are having a rough financial patch or rough financial years, allow me to be your friend and suggest ways to make it through.

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