3 Lessons Street Performers Taught Me About Service Industries

I am a dancer. Back in the day, I choreographed songs with my cousins to Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Toni Braxton and radio recordings on cassette tapes. During slumber parties, my television was pre-set to BET to remake all of  TLC’s dance moves.


My daydream was to quit my job in order to purchase a one way ticket from Virginia to NYC. There, I would dance on subways until a lucrative full time business was formed. ‘If  J-Lo could do it, so could I’ I naively thought. I desperately wanted to be a Fly Girl. Imagine landing a gig on a popular television show dancing before diving into my Pop singing career. My albums would go platinum in 30 minutes and my concerts would be sold out worldwide. This is a lot, but ride out with me.


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3 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Launched My First Live Event

When I pursued my journey to host a series of live events, I dove in. I acknowledged the fundamentals of event marketing such as: high quality flier, enlist help from friends, book a high value venue,  in addition to enticing honorariums for participants. Nevertheless, my social media etiquette presented me as low value. Why? I focused on sales instead of building purposeful relationships with my audience.  I operated under the ‘survival mode’ mentality. For example, I sent out Facebook invites to everyone on my friends lists from all three of my Facebook accounts. (Over 1000 people.) I emailed invites to everyone whom came to mind whether I knew them or not. I slide on Facebook Groups to post my High Quality Flyer with links to my High quality IMOVIE Promo (Man Listen, I thought the video was dope)  without being a regular participant in the group. Naturally, I got crickets.  It was the, “Excuse me, Who are you again? Where do you come from? Who do you roll with?” response. I Direct Messaged over a 1,000 people(on my fb friends list) with the mentality of ‘ The worse they can do is say No.’   I was polite, promoted a pretty flier with exciting promo trailer,  success yet I neglected to add value to my audience members to help encourage them to come back next year. I lack engagement. I promoted my tickets in addition to my performers yet shared nothing about my expertise nor my mission. In most cases, event goers failed to remember the event name. I’m sensitive about my projects, so naturally I was crushed.

So what happened Jacque?

I analyzed my Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of my situation. Some events have a huge following, with high levels of online exposure plus brand awareness. I want that for my company in the future. As a result, I set goals specific goals for the future.
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Handled: Social Media Crisis Tips For Your Platform

Battling Controversy Over the Internet


Facebook is littered with gossip articles about employees losing their jobs over offensive tweets or displaced humor in illicit picture captions. But it doesn’t end there. Even in the Political or Entertainment spheres of influence, there are viral memes plus recordings of indecent moments that possess the potential to obliterate their victim’s platform, assets and future relationships.

Visualize years of constructing an image, bank account, jobs, notoriety, and stability being wiped clean from a smart phone video of an angry customer.

At times, we past judgement on celebrities without entertaining the idea that this reality could be us in the future.

Fact is, passionate communication  is bound to offend it’s listener. It may be intentional or unintentional; however, it is imperative to have strategies in place to protect not only your reputation, but the partners associated with your brand.


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How to Build your Reputation on Social Media with Contests

Ep. 1 of Building your Reputation on Social Media
Ep. 1 of Building your rep

I want to share how I helped others use ‘Contests’ to build a reputation on Social Media and gain exposure. One of the biggest challenges I’ve encountered with events (live or virtual) is getting people to show up. Once they show up, you must deliver on your promises or else dissatisfied customers will leave bad reviews on your Facebook or yelp accounts and potentially block you from building trust with future clients. (But you don’t have to worry about that. Check out my Instagram post on integrity.)
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New Beginnings: Celebration!

If you want a better life, create better memories – Michael Green, Sr. 

Peace Everyone,
Thank you for tuning in to my first of many blog posts. If the content helps you in any way please like my Facebook page  and share this blog so we can stay connected.

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