How to Build your Reputation on Social Media with Contests

Ep. 1 of Building your Reputation on Social Media
Ep. 1 of Building your rep

I want to share how I helped others use ‘Contests’ to build a reputation on Social Media and gain exposure. One of the biggest challenges I’ve encountered with events (live or virtual) is getting people to show up. Once they show up, you must deliver on your promises or else dissatisfied customers will leave bad reviews on your Facebook or yelp accounts and potentially block you from building trust with future clients. (But you don’t have to worry about that. Check out my Instagram post on integrity.)

Contests are Live or Virtual events where people give a small expense (information, an act of service, donation, etc.) in exchange for a high valued item. For events, Facebook contests were a quicker way to gain likes, increase my number of shares, and increase ticket sales. Just like in real relationships, there should be a mutual benefit between you and your viewers. Your viewers get a high-quality item or service; you meet your goal. Everything works out. If the contest isn’t mutually beneficial, please re-evaluate the process and start over. Below, I’ve listed my “Hot Fire” method of running a contest which enables you to build your rep on Social Media.
Caution: The work, time and energy you put into these events is what you get out.

Don’t have time to read everything? No worries, just download the Cheat sheet:

Step 1: Choose your 'Give-Away Item'

Let’s discuss what you give away for your contest because not everyone gravitates to just any free item. Therefore, you must know your customer. For example, If someone provides you with some old Converses they can’t wear anymore, would you take them? Absolutely Not. You can buy your own converses because their inexpensive and they are guaranteed to be extra fresh and clean. Giving away something that has low perceived value will not attract the high valued customer you need. High valued customers are faithful or at the very least give you a referral. That’s what you want.

Now, if your friend has some Red Bottom Sneakers they’re giving away because it’s last season’s style, would you take them? Maybe? What if I told you they were worth over $800? Yeah Sure! Who doesn’t want a $800 pair of sneakers in their closet you obtained for free? Furthermore, who wouldn’t want to tell the story to all their friends about how they received a pair of $800 shoes at their next gathering? I would. Yes, both men and women talk. The difference between Chuck Taylor and Louboutin is not that one shoe is better than the other. The difference is the perceived value. Again, this is what you want for your brand.

HOLD UP. Consider those individuals who will still choose Converses over the Red Bottom Sneakers because of their functionality. Pick something that has a high perceived value to the viewers you want to reach. I recommend picking something you would enjoy receiving as an expert in your field. Stick with what you know.


Tickets for 2 to an exclusive event in your Industry
Gift Card to your favorite apparel store
Complimentary Mommy and Me Dance Class Certificate

I love ‘ByReginia’s’ blog article about developing your Ideal Reader’s Profile to better understand who you’re reaching. It’s like doing research on you best friend so you can give them the perfect gift for their birthday.

Step 2: Choose a Platform

Decide what platform you want to use to promote the contest. You will share what the participants have to do, what they will win and when the contest ends on this platform.
Your platform selection is based on how you connect most naturally with customers or potential customers.

Platforms to choose from:

Snap Chat
In person

Your platform selection is based on where you and your viewers best interact with you on. If you are a V-blogger, choose Youtube or Periscope. If you are into building relationships and require more interaction, try Facebook. If you are unsure what to use, check out your analytics on your platform. Look for keywords such as views, likes, members, reach, hearts and/or shares. The numbers won’t lie – use the platform that has the most exposure.
Another question that determines your platform is, “What are your goals for the contest.” Are you trying to increase your Facebook likes? Are you trying to build your email list? Or, Are you trying to get more viewers? Are you want to celebrate a milestone? Let’s use an example. Let’s say you are a youtube V-blogger attempting to expand your Facebook page to increase your target demographic. I have over 1,000 views on Youtube but only 100 Likes on my Facebook page. I would use my Youtube account to promote the contest and the Facebook page to be included in the submission instructions. I enjoyed watching from Strife TV celebrating their milestone of 10,000 likes. They reached their viewers on multiple platforms by using ‘Youtube’ to promote and Facebook to share their content. Most of their viewers were on Youtube but they expanding to Facebook because of the nature of their industry. Very Clever.

So, let’s make this applicable and apply it to event planning. You have a presence online, but you want to get people to the event. I would promote my contest on Facebook media and have the instructions carried out at the or just before the event. It’s up to you how you work the details. Meanwhile, my Facebook likes and viewer count should be increasing if I’m promoting correctly.

Step 3: Promote your Contest

Great, so you picked your product you’re giving away and your platform. The next thing to do is promote the contest by sharing your information all over the platform(s) you chose.
Your promotion includes:

Why you are doing the contest
What you are giving away
Instructions on ‘Winning the Contest.’
Where to submit your entry
Deadline for entry

On every platform, I highly encourage you to make a flyer with your contest details. You can post the flyer on your facebook page, newsletter letter, blog, Instagram, and Snap Chat, etc. If you are live streaming, show the flier as your starter background on periscope or Facebook live. If you do a pre-recorded videos such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can edit the flyer in the video or use it as a watermark while your video is playing. If you are the ones who choose to do the platform in-person, still make a flyer. You can hand them a physical copy of the flyer, or show them a picture of it on your tablet, laptop or computer. Either way, make the flyer.
Flier Resource

So here are my ‘Hot Fire’ ways to do a contest. Let me know how things work out for you and if you have any questions in the comment section.


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