50 Ways to Turn Passion into a Paycheck

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50 ways to Turn Passion into a Paycheck

I’m sharing my personal story. I could not land a stable job after my undergraduate graduation. I was stressed, whereas I entered a financial agreement with Sallie Mae and Visa that I was unable to fulfill. I didn’t know anything about Credit Building, Bankruptcy,  nor Insurance Investments. In addition, I was rebellious and I wanted to do everything on my own. In my mind, my degree meant a nice salary job with benefits.  But in reality, my degree meant, ” Has potential, but needs experience.”  By the grace of God, I had friends positioned in my life that reminded me of my strengthens and challenged me to utilize them. If you are having a rough financial patch or rough financial years, allow me to be your friend and suggest ways to make it through.

It’s time to be creative about your income strategy. Think back to your younger days about when someone with money gave you money. Was it Chores? Was it something you were passionate about like drawing a portrait for your friends? Or maybe it was a proficient skill your Mom, Dad, Sissy or brother pulled from you. ( i.e playlist for the cookout or bodyguard.)  Okay, put a pin and that thought.

Side note: Whatever you decide to flourish, do it with excellence. These ideas may be considered a ‘Side hustle’ but your name is still attached. These projects could easily be added to your portfolio and assist you with landing your DREAM career.  This was my solution to ‘Need more experience.’

Below, I list 3 Income Strategies and 50 examples of turning your passion into a paycheck. While reviewing this list, think about that million dollar idea you had earlier.  Your product/service should provide a solution to someone’s problem.




1. Teach what you know

How To Start:
Starting out, I recommend beta testing on people you trust such as: friends, family, church members, line sisters or line brothers. Honest feedback perfects your teaching style and curriculum.   Explore different virtual and physical platforms for promoting your course. Virtual Platforms such as Youtube, Zoom or FB live are considerable ways to build your following online. Furthermore, offer irresistible free content in exchange for opting into email or texting lists.

How to collect payment:
Teaching a course at a community college or continued education center sounds the best but let’s start slow. Recreational Facilities offer hourly rates and always looking for programing for adults and children. Private Establishments like restaurants or churches typically look for entertainment for ‘downtime’ hours or community development. These establishments may allow a cover charge or accept donations.
Or be innovative and teach online with course creation sites like Teachable.


  • Personal Trainer Boot Camps
  • Injury Prevention for Athlete Clinics
  • Calligraphy Workshop
  • Writing Rhymes and Bars Workshop
  • Yoga for MA Fighters
  • Paleo Cooking Instructor
  • Holistic Health Nutrition
  • Natural Hair Care Basics
  • Iphone Photography Course
  • Hipster Guitar Lessons
  • Attracting Ideal Customers Course
  • Music Industry Course
  • Interior Design Instructor
  • Blog Creation Course
  • Pre-K Dance Instruction
  • Dance Fitness Certification

2. Sell Something

How to Start: Pick an Item you have made that have received a slew of complements on. Then Create, Create, CREATE!

How to collect payment:
For physical products, create an account with Etsy, Amazon ,WordPress or Squarespace. Make sure to upload awesome photos of your product. Beautiful Sites and Pictures will increase traffic to your products.  For Digital Products create accounts, you can sell on Shopify, GumRoad and Woo Commerce. I had a friend set up a WordPress account that was self hosted with GoDaddy.com. She also added Woo Commerce for me. For Promotion, utilize platforms like Pinterest, Wanelo,  Polyvore, Lookbook, Instagram to promote your products.


  • Music Tracks
  • Home cooked meals
  • T-shirt designs
  • homemade Jewelry
  • art prints, graphics,  illustrations, and design templates
  • eBooks
  • Photographs
  • Online Courses
  • Exclusive podcasts

3. Freelance

How to Start:
Figure out the services you are willing to sell. Create packages of what you are selling and promote yourself to all your friends, family, church members or anyone you come in contact with.

How to collect Payment:
You can create a contract of what you are offering and promote on your website and Social media pages. In addition, you work with 3rd party sites like Upwork, Thumbtack, Fiverr, Creative Market as platforms to get your services out to a wider audience.

  • Personal Shopper
  • Personal Chef
  • Grocery Shopper + Delivery
  • Personal Stylist
  • Marketing Content Writer
  • Professional Organizer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Voice Over Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • DJ
  • Photography
  • Jazz Wedding Singers
  • Indie Wedding Planner
  • Choreographer
  • Modeling/Commercial
  • Web Designer
  • Personal Stylist
  • Make up Artist
  • Hairstylist/ Hair Care
  • Accountant
  • Book keeping
  • Financial Consulting
  • Tax Preparation
  • Notary
  • Editor (Professional Proof Reader)


For some inspirations, try reading some of these books

Motivational Books


Let me know what know if this was terrible or the best thing ever on Instagram and Twitter. I want to know what you think.




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